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Nova Sky Stories has been advancing drone entertainment for over a decade with a veteran team of artists and engineers. With offices across the USA and Europe, Nova Sky Stories is proud to empower producers and artists to bring awe to live audiences around the world.

Why Kimbal Musk founded Nova Sky Stories

In August 2021, I stood in Black Rock Desert with my wife and some of my closest friends and experienced something so profound that it changed me…

Nova has
a decade of experience

January 2007

Daniel Gurdan, now Chief Technology Officer at Nova Sky Stories, launched Ascending Technologies in Munich, Germany which was the first company dedicated to innovating and developing drones for live entertainment.

September 2012

Nova team members flew the world's first drone light show with 49 LED-equipped drones at world premiere of Ars Electronica Futurelab

November 2015

Ars Electronica/Ascending Technologies (now Nova Sky Stories) set Guinness World Record for flying 100 drones

January 2016

Intel acquires German drone startup Ascending Technologies

November 2016

Nova Team and technology sets new Guinness World Record for flying 500 drones

December 2016

Nova team and technology fly the Disney Starbright Holiday show at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

February 2017

Nova drones fly at the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

December 2017

World Premiere of "Franchise Freedom" a flying sculpture by Studio DRIFT with Nova drones and pilots

February 2018

Nova drone technology wowed audiences at the Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chun, South Korea

June 2018

Nova drone technology graces cover of TIME Magazine

February 2019

Nova team flies drone show for Maroon 5 at Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show in Atlanta

July 2021

Over 1800 Nova drones fly at the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony

June 2022

Kimbal Musk launches Nova Sky Stories with purchase of Intel's light drone division

July 2022

Nova flies tribute to Ukraine at Down the Rabbit Hole Festival in the Netherlands

August 2022

Nova drones fly multiple 1000 drone Sky Stories at Burning Man in Black Rock Desert in Nevada

September 2022

Nova drones fly at epic Dave Matthews Band concert at The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington

April 2023

Bjork performs at Coachella with a 40 minute continuous drone Sky Story. It's believed this is the longest drone show ever flown at a major festival.

April 2023

Nightly drone and light show launches at Uluru in Central Australia to tell ancient Mala story with Nova drones

July 2023

Nova Sky Stories honored to be part of Dead & Company Final Tour in Boulder and San Francisco
"Drone shows are in some ways the newer, hipper brand of fireworks. And they’re quieter, safer and better for the environment. Increasingly, drones are lighting up skybound entertainment shows. Flocks of flying robots have created magical illusions everywhere from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics"
"In addition to the amazing blend of colors, technology, light and imagination, drone shows tell their own stories with inspirational scores that blends the visual with the audio. They can accent a feeling of excitement or patriotism during a sporting event or national holiday celebration."
"Using more than 1100 drones, along with lasers and light projections, the new Wintjiri Wiru attraction is the first Indigenous story of its kind told on this scale and frequency."
"From Egyptian pyramids to French castles, these tourist sites are turning to drones, lasers, and other tech to create immersive night experiences."